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Valuing a Home

There is nothing magical when it comes to a house valuation. You do it every time you sell a property NOT the estate agent. The estate agent purely guides you in the right direction by asking the following questions generally before they visit you to prepare your details, try it yourself to see just how far out you are. Remember the correct role of an estate agent is a marketing company and nothing more. They may also introduce you to a mortgage advisor or conveyancing solicitor, but they get paid an introduction commission from your referral.

  • What is your postcode?

  • When did you purchase your property?

  • How much did you pay for your property?

Armed with the answers to the three questions above you can carry out your own FREE Home Valuation by using the tools on one of the following web sites.

  1. Land Registry, we all know that every time a property is Purchased the date, place and value of that property is recorded with the Land Registry. Armed with only your postcode you can value your property with this site (don't forget to change the box "Search England & Wales:" to Postcode sectors Only) Link

  2. Nationwide Building Society, by simply knowing the purchase price, purchase date and which part of the UK you live within you can use this site to carry out a valuation on your property. Link

Some other factors to take into account are the condition of the property & decoration. If your property is well decorated and in good condition add 5% to the valuations from the above sites, if not take away 5%.

Compare your property to other properties recently sold in your street or neighbourhood, how much did they sell for, did they sell quickly or were they on the market a long time.

We hope that you find the above information and the online tools helpful, but please remember we cannot take responsibility for a wrong valuation, if you have any doubts please seek the advice of a professional surveyor.



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